10:40 AM

More Bad News For VCs: Sand Hill Slave Is Back!!!

I'm so happy. My favorite bitch goddess, Sand Hill Slave is back!!!

Her accounts of life within the Gulag of Sand Hill Road among the legions of pretentious venture capitalists were hilarious. And I'm very glad to welcome her back.

Sand Hill Slave: Even Though I Walk Through the Valley in the Shadow of Tech, I will fear no VC...

Here is her welcome back post:

You Know You Want Me Back........Online.

"Like a fiendish tropic virus, spitting bile at all you whores,

Razor sharp, tongue-in-cheek, poking in your open sores,

Wolf in sheep's clothing, the ultimate disgrace,

Wrapped up as a gift of God, exploding in your face"

-- Megalomaniac, KMFDM