01:49 AM

Monday Newswatch: Brightcove ad network, Seagate encryption drive, Monitor 110 raises $11mn

Brightcove Network

Brightcove launched video content and advertsing networks, offering websites a range of tools to create "channels" while taking a 50% cut of advertising that runs. (press release and News.com story.

Web sites select the services they want--ad placement in videos, a virtual video store, etc.--from a click menu on the Internet Protocol TV specialist's network. For example, a news site on extreme sports could get a feed on foreign surf competitions from an established news agency like Reuters, resell or syndicate its own clips to online outdoor-clothing merchants, and put ads in the videos it produces.

Monitor110 raises $11mn

Monitor 110, the web buzz service for the financial industry has raised $11mn in Series C funding led by Draper Fisher Jurvetson. TechCrunch reports that the company has been working with just 10 hedge funds but will increase to 20 in January.

Self-encypting hard drive

Seagate Technology has developed a hard drive with built-in encryption, which it will start selling in early 2007, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

The heart of the new hardware-based system is a special chip. That chip, built into the drive, will serve to encode and decode all data traveling to or from the disk, he said.

This encrypted drive will be installed in the laptop by the manufacturer. Once the user takes possession of the machine, the user or a system administrator will have to create a password in order to use the computer.