09:50 AM

MobyNow Platform - A Way To Corral Fragmented Media - Presents: Burning Man Now

Mathys van Abbe, one of my favorite European entrepreneurs is in town this week. He's the founder of Moby Picture, one of the top photo sharing sites and also the developer of a unique media platform: MobyNow.

With MobyNow you can coral all that fragmented media: tweets, blog posts, shared photos, audio, video, location data into one page. It's excellent for companies or organizations that want to bring together all that content, from multiple locations into one location.

The upcoming Burning Man festival is an excellent event to demonstrate the flexibility of MobyNow.

If you are headed to Black Rock City this year you should check out "Burning Man Now" and watch for your tweets, photos, etc, showing up on the site.