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MobyNow: A Media Platform For Fractured Media...

Mathys van Abbe, one of the top entrepreneurs from the Netherlands, is in town this week. He's the founder of Moby Picture, the largest European photo sharing site.

He has also recently launched MobyNow, which is a media platform for bringing together all the social media that is represented in the photos, videos, Tweets, blog posts, etc, that people post around a subject.

It's a great media platform for any media organization, or any company or group that wants to create a live site that reconstitutes all the fractured media around a topic or subject.

For example, Holland MobyNow was created in just one day, to aggregate all the postings, photos, etc around Holland's final World Cup games. The site was an instantaneous success with more than 270,000 views and three large sponsors signing up from a single Tweet!

Mathys has some interesting statistics here on his blog: Over 575k social media updates were aggregated by Holland MobyNow during the Worldcup final.

There are MobyNow sites set up around sports teams and Mathys is also talking with Hollywood studios and large companies interested in setting up similar sites.

It's a great idea because Moby is able to take advantage of the relationship it already has with hundreds of thousands of users of the Moby Picture site. It can use those relationships to effortlessly link people up and their social network accounts, with each other, and with new users on new sites.

This underlying social networking technology is already being used in more than 750 other applications.

For example, a baseball team such as the Oakland A's could host a MobyNow platform on its own site, featuring the pictures, video, Tweets, blog posts of its fans, all in real-time. The content is fresh, and fans are happy to see their postings featured on the main site.

I can think of plenty of uses for the MobyNow platform. It represents a next stage in web site development: bringing together all the fractured media that exists in social networks, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc. It's also a way for the core brand to celebrate all the ways people show their appreciation - plus they are also aggregating all the pageviews - very important for media companies where page views are the new currency.

I'm looking forward to seeing all the many ways this platform can be used.

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