17:48 PM

Mike Magee's TechEYE Debuts

Mike Magee, one of the UK's top media entrepreneurs, has launched a new title: TechEYE - 'all the news unfit to print.' I'll be contributing a weekly column.

Mike Magee is one of the co-founders of The Register, the top UK online tech site. He also founded The Inquirer, which he sold to VNU. His style of journalism is unflinching -- a style that is 'not everybody's cup of tea,' but it's one that makes for a welcome contrast to fairly tame coverage of the tech industry by established publications.

I'm looking forward to working with Mike Magee and the rest of the team on TechEYE.

We hope you like TechEye, which launched at 11:15AM GMT, just when Mercury was hogging the midheaven. Not that you could see it anyway, it being midday. And being very small anyway.

TechEye is a magazine owned by JAM IT Media - that's J(ames) Crowley, A(llan) Rutherford and M(ike) Magee.

James runs a developer site - developerfusion.com - and is a whizz at technology and coding in general. Allan has worked in technology advertising for an impressive 14 years. I'm a grizzled hack that has been around since before the internet was a twinkle in the military's eye.

We've an impressive team of journalists too - all striving to bring you straight news with a sense of humour, when that's appropriate.

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