14:59 PM

Microsoft Launches New Online Services - Blogger Roundtable Monday

Microsoft is launching new Online Services at an event Monday Morning at the St. Regis hotel in San Francisco (more details to come). I'll be part of a "Blogger Roundtable" at noon. I hope to see you there. Here is the line up:

Salim Ismael

Rod Boothby

Geva Perry

Ben Metcalfe

Chirag Mehta

Tom Foremski

Steve Wylie

Deb Schultz

Chris Heuer

Brian Solis

David Libby

Ohad Eder-Pressman

Adrian Chan

David Spark (also as moderator)

From Microsoft:

Ron Markezich, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Online

David Howell, Director, Microsoft Online Engineering

Bharat Shah, General Manager, Microsoft Online Engineering

Eron Kelly, Sr. Director, Microsoft Online

Alex Payne, Director, Office Client Product Management

Andrew Kisslo, Sr. Product Manager, Office Client

I'm excited -- I'm confident that this will be the beginning of a great, ongoing dialog with the company. As I have said in earlier email, the folks from Microsoft are looking for insight from key people in several communities so that they know what makes sense -- and what to do -- going forward. We are already looking at future engagements, events and programs, and we hope you will help in making them real for everyone involved.