06:48 AM

Memolane: Curating Your Life In Social Media...

Memolane launched today, an interesting service that creates a timeline of all your posts, tweets, Facebook, photo and video uploads.

It's a neat form of curating all of your (social) media activities. I tried it out and I was impressed at how quickly it produced a timeline of my activities. I'm often searching for a tweet from days back and this is a good way to find it, and also other stuff -- all in one place.

The service integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, YouTube, Flickr, Last.fm, TripIt, Picasa, MySpace, Vimeo, Instagram as well as all your RSS feeds.

Eric Lagier, co-founder and CEO of Memolane, said: "Memolane is an online diary that writes itself and makes your social media memorable."

More information on the creation of Memolane here.