22:14 PM

Meet The Real Intel Rock Stars


I'm sure you've seen those ubiquitous Intel "rock star" ads that are part of its "sponsors of tomorrow" campaign. I was at the recent Intel Research Day at the Computer History Museum and Intel introduced the real rock stars -- everyone in the TV ads is an actor (and in China all the rock stars are Chinese.)

The real rock stars are Ajay Bhatt, the co-inventor of USB, and Joshua Smith, a pioneer in wireless power and robotics.

Intel Labs also showed off about 40 projects in its science fair. One of the projects was a wireless electric power project. It will enable you to recharge your gizmos and gadgets without needing to plug them in -- they will get their power through the air. More info here: Research@Intel 2009 - Intel 'Rockstars' Show off Future Research Concepts, Projects