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Magic Hobo Fights Spam with Spam


For users of Facebook, inadvertently spamming your friends is one of the annoying features of using some of the Facebook apps. It is also embarrasing to share some personal stuff with a friend only to find that you sent the same message to everyone.

Plus there are things like Mortimer the travelling bear and other such nonsense that people accidentally spam their Facebook friends with. To put a stop to this, we now have the "Magic Hobo" which is an educational "spam" that explains the basic ways on how not to spam your friends.

I sent a "Magic Hobo" to my Facebook friends and now I have half-a-dozen more sitting on my walls and super walls, etc. It's funny to fight spam with spam, and the picture of the Magic Hobo is hilarious.

Here is the text that goes with it (BTW, send me a Facebook friend request, it is one way for me to get to know my readers.)

This is the Magic Hobo!

He will do STUFF ALL if you forward him on - But it's a great opportunity to send him on and spam all your Facebook Friends to say STOP sending me STUPID CRAP!

The stuffed dog does NOTHING when you forward him on...

I don't give a shit about Mortimer the Travelling Bear...

Unicef will NOT donate 5c for every forward that little starving child gets...

You CANNOT tell how many people visit your profile by spamming forward and pressing altF4 afterwards...

THINK BEFORE YOU FORWARD! Ask yourself: "Could this actually WORK?"

Chances are... No - It's just a stupid-ass ploy to clog your walls full of the same old crap again and again and again...

Join the fight against aimless spamming by spamming this forward to say "Just Say No!" to stupid-ass forwarding.

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