04:28 AM

Low IT spend should be good for cloud computing services this holiday season

WIll the lack of IT spending provide a boost to cloud computing companies this coming holiday season? It would seem so.

Retailers and many other companies have to have sufficient computing resources to handle the busiest season of their year. But with many companies cutting back on their IT expenditures over the past year, the strain on their IT infrastructure could turn into a big problem.

Companies will be looking for ways to deal with massive demands on their computing resources. This should be an excellent opportunity for cloud computing services companies, such as Amazon, Terremark, and others.

Terremark, for example, offers cloudburst solutions that allow clients to off-load peak computing loads. But this might be a little too risky for some companies. After all, if it doesn't work quite right, lots of customers will be affected at one of the most important times of the year.

However, off-loading less important applications during the holiday season to cloud services is a less risky proposition. It frees up computing resources for peak loads while at the same time, it provides IT departments with experience with integrating cloud computing into their infrastructure.

If it all works out, this will create confidence in bringing in more cloud computing into IT strategies and planning.

That's why the performance of cloud computing services this coming holiday season could open the way to a lot more business in 2010. Low levels of IT spending in 2009 could be very good for cloud computing in 2009 and beyond.