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Loren Feldman - East Coast Critic Of Tech Media Worth Following

I’m a big fan of Loren Feldman and his 1938Media site because he calls the Emperor's new clothes more often than anyone I know.

He is not everyone’s cup of tea but there are many people that support his views but can’t come out publicly because of their position in PR, or within tech companies, where support for Loren could be used against them, and has been used against them. Merely retweeting someone else retweeting a Loren post has gotten at least one person I know into trouble.

He also has a hilarious sock puppet show series that spoofs many well known personalities.


Dave Winer

Julia Allison

Larry and Sergey


Mark Zuckerberg

Mike Arrington

Pete Cashmore

Salaam E. Baloney



Steve Ballmer

Waltr Kronkyte

Loren is part entertainer, part astute commentator, especially on the West Coast tech scene, and the publications that cover them. He has been critical of Michael Arrington, the publisher of Techcrunch many times, and also of “Business Insider” the New York city based publication edited by Henry Blodget, the infamous Merril Lynch analyst; a superstar analyst of the dotcom boom years but now barred from the securities industry.

Here is Loren Feldman’s latest post critical of Business Insider and Henry Blodget. I recommend you follow him on Twitter: http://twitter.com/1938media