14:21 PM

Linux Report: Mobile Linux gains ground, Mobile Apps from Access, and Kim Polese on OpenSource Apps

I popped into the recent LinuxWorld:

Linux Increasingly Mobile

Motorola is moving towards widespread deployment of its mobile Linux on its cell phones. It is moving the OS further and further up the stack towards enterprise class handsets.

I spoke with Christy Wyatt, VP of Ecosystem and Market Development at Motorola, about recruiting developers to Motorola's Linux platform.

Mobile Software Giant

Access is one of the largest software companies that nobody has heard of, is how Diedier Diaz, senior vp of product strategy at Access describes the company.

It is a leader in mobile applications, and virtually everyone with a cell phone has used one of the company's apps. This is especially true since the acquisition of PalmSource in late 2005, the developer of the Palm OS.

Enterprise Open Source Applications

Combining open source software to create powerful enterprise-class applications suites is what SpikeSource does. But how do you make sure dozens of constantly changing open source software components will work together, and not break each other?

Kim Polese is the CEO of SpikeSource and the former chief evangelist for Java. She says the secret is in the automated testing of the suites of open source software.