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LinkedIn Connection with Silicon Valley's Hottest Startups...

LinkedIn works wonders as a social networking site for business professionals- especially if you are LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman.

Groupscope is a company that loves to map money relationships between investors and companies.

It applied its lens to answers to a question LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman posed on LinkedIn:

What are the three hottest companies companies in Silicon Valley currently?

The answers were analyzed by Groupscope. And what did Brad Cohen from Groupscope find? Reid Hoffman is closely connected to many of the hottest companies in Silicon Valley:

It is interesting that Reid posed the question and was linked to the most common answers. I find this somewhat ironic...

...(and the people responding may or may not have known that Reid was involved in the companies they mentioned). The hottest company answers nonetheless underscore the extent of Reid’s connections in SV startups.

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This is either a superb testament to the networking prowess of Mr Hoffman, or it's a testament for LinkedIn as a truly useful business networking site. I'm sure it's a bit of both.


BTW, please link in to SVW on LinkedIn, I'd like to find out more about my readers (tom at foremski.com).

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