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LinkedIn And MetroNet Want More Women In Tech - (Women Rule Social Media!)

Women are only 30% of tech workforce, and only 15% in software engineering so there’s a long way to go to mirror the 50% split in the general workforce. 

One way is to increase the number of women students matched with mentors, which is the goal of a partnership between LinkedIn and MentorNet. They hope to have 40,000 students teamed with mentors over the next two years.

MentorNet has achieved a successful graduation rate of 92% of students completing STEM degrees -- double the national average. Half those students pursue jobs with their mentors’ companies, meaning that the tech industry now has a built in way to reach talented female tech grads…and start to close that gap.

More details can be found here: LinkedIn and MentorNet: A Partnership To Get More Women in STEM | Official LinkedIn Blog

On social media women are the majority:

The infographic shows that women not only use social media more often than men, but they use these sites in more ways. More women also use the top social media sites and they dominate the visual-type social websites, which are the fastest growing social networks today. No site establishes women’s dominance in social media more than Pinterest, where 33% of U.S. women online access Pinterest (for men it’s only 8%).

But more tellingly is how women lead the trend of accessing social media via mobile. Forty-six percent of women use their smartphones to check their social account versus 43% for men. Likewise, 32% of women use a tablet versus 20% of men for the same reason. Now juxtapose that to the Business Insider report saying 60% of social media time is spent on smartphones and tablets, and you’ll realize women will be setting the pace towards social mobiles.

What does this trend mean? Nothing much except for the fact that social media is now the top Internet activity, according to Business Insider. Americans spend an average of thirty-seven minutes daily on social media, and more than half of them are women.