06:45 PM

Leading Media Sector Think Tank Thinker Changes Think Tanks (also installs home theatre systems…)

by Tom Foremski for SiliconValleyWatcher

Adam Theirer has made a name for himself at the Cato Institute, the Liberterian think tank, writing and speaking on the topic of the media sector.

He sent out a note on Wednesday saying that after four years at Cato, he was joining:

“the Progress & Freedom Foundation as a Senior Fellow and the Director of PFF’s new Center for Digital Media Freedom. The Center for Digital Media Freedom will seek to protect America’s sacred First Amendment heritage and promote enlightened public policy regarding all forms of media. Our goal is to maximize media freedom both in a structural (business) sense and a social (speech-related) sense.”

Sounds interesting…also, in the same note, Adam mentions he can set up your in-home media systems (which BTW, is his secret to keeping up with government media regulations.)

"This new think tank position is very exciting for me because it nicely complements the work I do in my spare time with Intellihouse.Net, a home media installation firm that I have worked with since last year. As a "Media Integration Specialist" with Intellihouse.Net, I help design and install "smart home" technology and A/V solutions for homeowners. ...My part-time work with Intellihouse gives me a better understanding of the impact of government regulation on the media industry and helps me stay on the cutting-edge of breaking technological developments in this area."