02:40 AM

Laughing Squid: Be there...

The place to be Saturday was afternoon at the Podcast camp at the Swedish American Hall, and then at Scott Beale's  Laughing Squid party in the evening. Lots of familiar faces... Nick Douglas, Nick Denton, (Nick Denton  has been doing a stellar job in filling in for N.G ) (N.G still won't tell me what he is up to...)

Chris Pirillo and Robert Scoble cruise by in a stretch limo ...

Also: This is the first time I've seen Scott Beale without a camera around his neck... Mrs Beale was dealing with the guest list and doing a very good job of it. Inside, lots of music, but not too loud to chatter.

I usually try to avoid weekend events but these ones  were worth while. And they show a growing San Francisco geek community, which is interesting.