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Kultur Shock: November flow

[diggrz: an SVW tag for arts, culture, trends, and events in and around Silicon Valley- new from SVW] -

 By Maria Mouk for Silicon Valley Watcher

With the time change this weekend came the weather tide, pulling out the heat of Indian summer and making way to seemingly winter rain. It's always bittersweet to feel the flux of the seasons, but in all change lies evolution... and I look forward to days of pensive skies.

Crazy Castro shooting Halloween! If this year came close to cancellation, I see no reason for having an event that contributes to 9 people being shot next year. What is wrong citizens? Stray fire at a Halloween Party? Blows my mind... Very disturbing.

Put your thoughts into a positive process: move, make, and involve yourself. Maybe you found inspiration at the Brazilian Girls show Thursday night at the Warfield. Or braved the rain in the Mission march for Day of the Dead. This week has more options for burning off your Halloween candy.

If you really feel like doing a body good- head to the Apple on the East. The New York City Marathon starts Sunday morning Nov 5th, and if you havent qualified to run- you can still cheer on the thousands who attend.

For the rest on the home Bay, weekend is jam packed with suggested events such as Clandestine; a Cold War themed costume party set in Berlin, 1962 to benefit Workspace Limited, who provide affordable studio space for artists. Saturday afternoon: Of interest may be the Plants & Magic: Exploring Our Spiritual Connection to Plants show at the Conservatory of Flowers and the San Francisco Botanical Garden where renouned ethnobotonists will speak about the sacred role of plants and the plant-based rituals of Earth's diverse cultures. Learn about shamanic uses of plants, and join in on the Kava Lounge for inspired conversation while moving to the sounds of Brazilian drummers.

Saturday also rolls on with the VLOGGIES at the Swedish American Music Hall. Yes, the first award ceremony for online video documentation presented by Irina Slutsky (the name just slides off the tongue doesnt it? ;) ) of GeekTV. After party at Café du Nord. Also this weekend, geek out at the Vintage Computer Festival 9.0, at the Computer History Museum, in Mountain View.

If you're looking for a little more action, check out the ICER AIR  Festival at ATT Park, on Saturday, with performances by Ladytron and Jurassic 5, beyond the skate & BMX vert demo, wakeboarding exhibition, and the big air/ ski and snowboard competition. Lombardi Sports will be having a blowout 50 percent ski and snowboard sale to accompany the event. Attending will be most accomplished world-class skiers and snowboarders of Olympic and X-Games fame.

Sunday evening (8pm), stop into the Little Baobab (3388 19th St @ Capp St.), for the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Calabash Music Mixer. EFF is the leading civil liberties organization defending rights online. Calabash Music is a top online distributor of music from
around the world, providing its entire catalog in MP3 format and splitting sales revenue 50-50 with artists. Mingle, chat, and dance with EFF staff members.

Power weekend! Invest your time.efforts and Enjoy.

[diggrz refers to the nomadic lifestyle offered by mobile digital technologies and gadgets - creating a "nomadig" culture. The diggrz name is also a tip-of-the-hat to some of the ideas of the Diggers, a democratic group that arose in 1649, out of the English revolution.

The Diggers were a radical group that cultivated and protected common lands, and sought to create egalitarian, self-sustaining communities. The Diggers would have found  kindred spirits in today's software engineer culture,  and the focus on creating  commonly owned technologies through egalitarian open source community projects. - Tom Foremski

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