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Jobs Gone, Playboy Hits iPad...

Steve Jobs is know as a big prude banning applications and other iPad content that features nude or sexual content on the iPad. No sooner that he announces a leave of absence on medical grounds, Hugh Hefner, announces that Playboy, both old and new, will be available on the iPad in March.

Vlad Savov at Engadget reports:

From its very first issue in 1953 to its latest incarnation, the full catalog of Playboy Magazine is coming to the iPad this March. And not only that, it'll be faithful to its original form by arriving to your Apple slate uncensored.

If Playboy gets away with it there will be plenty of others wanting the same, uncensored treatment. Will Steve Jobs sit quietly? He tends not to...

One approach maybe for Playboy to bypass the Apple store and create an iPad compatible web-based version formatted to the iPad's dimensions and Safari's navigation controls.