10:36 AM

Job Seekers: Check To See What Your Job References Are Saying About You

Personal trust and reputation is very important especially in the online world where information of all sorts can be found. Reputation is even more important when you are looking for a new job.

It's easier to deal with problem information that is visible, you can counter it in various ways. It's the hidden reputation information that's more harmful when searching for a new job.

If a former employer, or one of your key job references is saying negative things about you, that's a big problem because you will not know it.

Allison & Taylor, Inc. is offering a service that will check job references.

Heidi Allison, managing director of Allison & Taylor says that in about one-half of cases, they uncover mediocre or negative input:

"People they believe will give them a good reference, frequently do not. And the likelihood is that such references will continue to "poison the well" unless their negative input can be documented and addressed."

Allison & Taylor says that one client lost seven job offers and $50,000 in savings because of negative references.

When we call a reference, we simply state that we are calling to do employment verification and reference check on (name of client). Typically the reference assumes we are considering hiring that individual or we have been hired to check them out for a company that is considering hiring them. Under no circumstances do we ever disclose who has actually hired us to perform the reference check. This allows our client complete confidentiality and the ability to use our information in court should the need arise.

If negative references are found, cease and desist letters, and threats of litigation can put a stop to further communications.

Alternatively, job seekers could ask friends to check their job references.