05:46 AM

Jasper And The Connected Car

IoT Infographic

Jasper is positioning itself firmly in the Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure sector where it already has a lot of customers for its technologies.

If you are interested in IoT and the "connected car" there is a panel and networking event coming up this Thursday September 24 at 6pm  in San Francisco and you can request an invite here. Panelists include:

Steve Schwinke - Director, Advanced Development and Concepts, Global Connected Customer Experience - General Motors Company.

Win Williams- Vice President, Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions, AT&T Ajay Agrawal - CTO - ChargePoint.

Emad Isaac - CTO - LoJack.

The Connected Car panel will explore a range of trending topics: 

What is the Connected Car industry doing to protect the vehicle in the age of vehicle hacking?

What role has the Internet of Things (IoT) played in the Connected Car?

What is the killer app in Connected Cars that will drive mainstream adoption?

What role is the Connected Car playing in the advancement of autonomous driving? 

This panel will be followed by food, cocktails and a networking reception with the panelists and other Connected Car industry professionals. During the reception, GM will be providing attendees with demos of the connected features in the new Corvette and Chevy Volt models.