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Jaman Coup: Independent And International Film Downloads Through TiVo

Jaman, the online movie service specializing in independent and international movies, has a deal with TiVo that provides it with a major distribution channel and bypasses the computer, as in Apple's latest Apple TV service.

Jaman is based in San Mateo, CA, and was founded by Gaurav Dhillon, the former CEO of Informatica. More details from Jaman:

By capitalizing on TiVo's vast big-screen user experience, we're making it even easier for people to discover, browse and enjoy our catalog of high definition, edgy and award-winning films on their TVs," said Jaman's CEO Gaurav Dhillon."This venture cements our position as a leading online provider of movies, offering unique and original content that viewers can't find anywhere else."

The service will be available in the coming months to broadband-connected TiVo Series2(tm) and Series3(tm) subscribers. Viewers will be able to browse and select from Jaman's premier library, featuring internationally-acclaimed titles such as Oscar-nominated "Paheli," "Loverboy" (Sundance) with Kyra Sedgwick, "All About Lily Chou-Chou" (Berlin International Film Festival) and Dardennes Brothers' "La Promesse" (Cannes/Toronto).

With Jaman on TiVo, viewers will be able to both rent and purchase films starting at $1.99, with a number of shorts and full-length films that are available to download for free.

Jaman: Movie download service for world cinema

Here is one of the offbeat independent movies you can find on Jaman:

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