06:25 AM

I've Joined Delphix...


(Above) I was speaking at FutureComms14 conference in London last summer.

I have some exciting news to share! I've joined Delphix, a hot Menlo Park based IT startup, in a senior editorial communications role. 

 I've been writing a lot over the past few years on, "Every company is a media company." Now I'll find out what does that mean?!

I'll be sharing more information over the weekend and next week about my decision and why I chose Delphix — a true gem of a company.

Silicon Valley Watcher will continue, media as a service fits well with Delphix's data as a service message. But there's much more to this story, much more. 

Ten years ago I jumped from the Financial Times into the then exotic world of "blogging" becoming the first journalist to leave a top job at a top newspaper to become a "journalist blogger." My gut instinct was that something important is happening and I want to report on it by being in it.

Ten years later my gut instinct tells me there's something very interesting going on in corporate media (this not "content marketing," which is only one narrow segment on the spectrum of the corporation as publisher). I have some controversial ideas to share on this subject in future posts.

Teaching companies to be "media companies" means teaching all the best practices of journalism that have developed from more than two centuries of best practices. How far do companies need to go in becoming a media company? I love it when we don't know all the answers! We can figure them out together.  I'm very excited! 

Aarti Shah at Holme's PR Report has some details on my move here.

I'll be writing a series of posts that will introduce some of my new ideas describing the next steps on the journey of every company is a media company. And I'll be presenting a Masterclass presentation at Sean Saunders' PR Summit in San Francisco mid-August.