17:15 PM

It's Not Too Late To Jump Into The Social Media Pool But At Some Point It Will Be

I come across lots of people joining Facebook for the first time, or joining Twitter. Some, should have joined a while ago because their profession needs to know about such things. And you can only know by doing, not by reading. But at least they eventually join.

I know many people, young and old, that are passionately determined never to join any social network. They are often adamant. I admire their stance but I don't understand it.

This is a chance to take part in a social experiment that is totally unique. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Friendfeed, etc, are part of a unique global experiment that involves tens of millions of people in ways that we have never experienced each other. Tell me that's not interesting, or fascinating. Tell me that's not a reason to get out of bed. It's all fresh footprints in the snow.