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It's not about the money or the stock options, it's about big ideas . . .thoughts on Microsoft lawsuit against Google for poaching staff

By Tom Foremski for SiliconValleyWatcher

Google_Pitch.jpgGoogle hired Kai-Fu Lee, former vp at Microsoft, and Microsoft filed a lawsuit, which acted as warning shot over the heads of other drones considering a change.

Microsoft, in my view, should be careful because such actions bring attention to the fact that it can't match the Google pitch.

And the Google pitch is not about money or stock options, it is about vision. Google can pitch a big vision, Microsoft cannot.

People in tech get excited about big ideas--not about big money and stock options.

If you have key people in your organization excited by big money and stock options--rather than big ideas--then that is not a good thing.

Google's pitch is: if you want to change the world, come work with us. Because only we have the scale to enable you to do things on a global stage.

It's a killer pitch.

My advice to Microsoft is put the lawyers back in their kennels and work on your pitch.

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From Cnet News.com Ex-Microsoft employee a million-dollar man

Kai-Fu Lee, Google's newly hired executive at the heart of a dispute with Microsoft, made more than $1 million last year at the Redmond, Wash., software giant, according to a court filing.