12:40 PM

Is Twitterfone The Perfect App? Invites Coming Via Twitter...

I'm a big fan of Pat Phelan, one of Ireland's foremost entrepreneurs. [Please see: The Man Who Broke the Telco Cartel . . . and Bridged the Global "Voice Divide"]

Pat recently introduced an application that has received rave reviews from the Twitterati. The Twitterfone application allows you to post a Twitt (I call it that but others call it a Tweet :-) by calling a phone number. Voice recognition software translates your message into text and posts it on Twitter.

Here is what Jeff Nolan, over at Venture Chronicles, said in his post: Twitterfone, Simply Perfection

It works. I have no way of testing it against dialects, etc. but for my California english, it works flawlessly.

Simplicity. You sign up, get a confirmation code via SMS, add your Twitter account details, and it’s ready to go. You call the number, record your tweet and hang up. It’s a 3 minute process.

Amazingly viral. There are two aspects of the way this service is designed that make it incredibly viral. The first is really just the way Twitter is designed, the tweets include a status line indicating what client the user is using. The second is more important, for every Twitterfone tweet the service includes a tinyurl link back to the Twitterfone page that include an audio recording of your tweet.

. . . The WOW Moment. Every product and service has a moment in the first 60 seconds of use that an impression is formed which will shape all future interactions. This is the WOW Moment and it’s binary, you either have it or you don’t.

Twitterfone is in private beta but Pat just sent me a handful of invites. I'm going to release them individually on Twitter over the next day or so, so look out for my Twitt with a Twitterfone access code-- the first one to see it gets to use it. I will send out the codes starting Tuesday morning (late :-)

I am tomforemski on Twitter if you want to look out for the code. But please don't ask me for one directly!