15:06 PM

Is Andy Lark the next evolutionary step?

andy_lark_20.jpgI completely forgot about Andy Lark when I was putting together my topten people lists recently.

Since I'm using "topten" as an attribute and a quality a person has, rather than literally, I feel I can still add Andy to SVW's Topten people in marketing/communictions/pr list for 2005.

Andy Lark is the former head of communications at Sun Microsystems--and now he is involved in a ton of stuff--he is everywhere. And this man intuitively understands the new communications/new media better than anybody I have met.

Not only does he understand it, he seeks to use it. It is one thing to understand something, to dig it, but it's another to try and create businesses and to use it for fun and profit.

Andy has more fingers in more pies than the number of fingers evolution provided us with. If Andy is the next step in our human evolution then we need ten fingers on each hand :-).