03:23 AM

Ireland Using Brightidea For Crowdsourcing New Ideas

Congrats to my friends over at Brightidea, CEO Matthew Greeley and crew:

The Irish government is using Brightidea software for "Your Country, Your Call” a competition with cash prizes.

With Mary McAleese, President of Ireland, as its Patron, this massive campaign is a countrywide, community-based action initiative to spur sustainable economic growth through citizen-based ideation and innovation. An award of €100,000 for each of the top two ideas will be given, along with a development fund for implementation of up to €500,000 each project.

"The Irish people have a long and proud tradition of creativity. From the poems of William Butler Yeats to the invention of Boolean Algebra - the very foundation of modern computer science - Irish ideas have changed the way the world sees and thinks," said Matthew Greeley, CEO of Brightidea.