12:42 PM

iPhonomics continued... the PC is the Personal Cellphone

[Steve Gillmor is right about the iPhone please see: iPhonomics

I popped into Wired.com's anniversarry celebrations Wednesday evening. I walked out as soon as I got there because it was a dark cave of a club when it was a postcard summer evening in San Francisco. I walked out and waited for my friend Tom Abate from the Chronicle to arrive. Then we ran into Sam Whitmore and his better half, Christy ( a merger is planned in Hawaii in a couple of weeks.)

Had a great chat with Chris Anderson, Wired Mags chief editor and responsible for a remarkable turnaround at the magazine. Believe it or not, we talked about the spiritual nature of blogging.

Media is my favorite subject so I was surprised there were no iPhones amongst the aristocracy of the digerati...(except mine of course(!)).

It is surprising there were no iPhones because this device is the lynchpin, it is the delivery platform of this many-media world we now live in. And it will force the creation of an IT infrastructure that is going fuel the next boom in tech business cycles.

But I'm too self concious to bring it out because people want to touch and stroke it and it feels uncomfortable because a cell phone is more personal than a PC. Does anyone else feel the same way? Does your cell phone feel very personal?


PS: I ran into the new editor of ValleyWag, Owen Thomas. He is a very nice man, I think we can all safely sleep in our beds at night.