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INXPO: A Live Video Platform For 'Social Business'


(My readers are familiar with my "every company is a media company" mantra but how do companies become media companies? They need media services and technologies to help them and this will become  a core focus here at SVW - reporting on the intersection of technology and media since 2004.)

I recently met with Scott Kellner (above), Chief Marketing Officer, at INXPO, a platform that lets clients easily set up video broadcasts to internal staff, or an external audience. 

I'm very much interested in companies such as INXPO, companies that provide media technology services to other companies. When every company is a media company it's the ones that have an effective arsenal of media technologies to draw upon that will win out over their competition.

INXPO has pivoted somewhat from a virtual trade show focus a few years back. It's now a sophisticated broadcasting platform used by large corporations to run internal and external meetings, along with advanced audience engagement metrics.

Here are my notes from a recent conversation with Scott Kellner:

- INXPO is about 9 years old. Decided three years ago that webcasting services were over-crowded so developed a platform that enables companies to run their own live video channels called "Social Business TV."

- We are creating channels around topics, so that people can participate in live events around their interests and also return to browse through reference materials.

- Live is important because it helps involve people rather than something that can be seen later. Live drives engagement.

-Most clients are large corporations and they use it mostly for internal communications, which is tough at a multinational, we help with that. It's important to make sure that everyone at your organization is on the same page. We have about 110 people across different locations, we know how tough it is for a company our size, it's much more difficult at large corporations.

- Now we're moving more into external communications with our platform, for producing lead generation. 

-Our analytics is important because we can tell how viewers are reacting, what they are interested in, what they share. That is very valuable because it can show clients who is engaged and who isn't.

- We define someone as engaged if they touch their keyboard at least once every two minutes. And we advise clients on how best to organize their presentations, design engagement, and on length, content type etc. These are actionable metrics.

- We don't help out with lead generation, etc, we are solely focused on being a platform. But we do have a consulting group that helps clients create their channels and how best to design engagement.

- Some of our best practices are keep presentations to below 30 minutes, which includes a 10 minute Q&A. Before noon is the best time. Keep text to a minimum. Tell people upfront what they will get from your presentation, and then say it three times. 

- We provide all the sharing and collaboration tools so that people can reach out to their contacts and make it easier for them to share upcoming events further.

- All the live sessions are archived for return viewing.

- An unlimited channel costs about $4,000 per month or single sessions can also be bought for around $1500 each.

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Founded in 2004, INXPO has delivered nearly 3,000 social business broadcasts worldwide for brands including Autodesk, Cisco, Freeman, George P. Johnson, Hilton, HIMSS, P&G, PCMA, TechTarget, UBM and the U.S. Department of State. The company is headquartered in Chicago.