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Interesting Facts About The French Internet...

Experian's Hitwise says it has started monitoring French web sites. Here are a few facts from 75,000 sites and 1 million plus search terms, based on the web surfing of 90K French Internet users:

- Social networking is more popular in France than in the UK

- Online shopping is less popular than in the UK.

- Google France is currently the most visited website in France, with 10.38% of all French Internet visits.

- YouTube is at number 4 and Google.com at number 7.

- Facebook is the second most visited website in France, accounting for 6.83% of all French Internet visits, over twice as many visits as YouTube.

- Skyrock (www.skyrock.com) is the third most popular social network in France, and the eighth most popular website.

- Windows Live Mail (Hotmail) is the third most visited website and the most popular webmail service.

- Orange France Webmail (webmail.orange.fr) is the next most popular webmail service and fifth most visited website overall, while Orange France ranks sixth.

- Leboncoin.fr, the most popular Shopping and Classifieds website, at number nine

- MSN France in tenth position.

- Search Engines are the most popular website accounting for 14.27% of all French Internet visits.

- Social networks and Forums rank second with 12.85%, (10.61% in the UK).

France and United Kingdom have similar size of Internet users but have different browsing habits says Robin Goad, European Research Director at Experian Hitwise.

"In France, more online time is spent on communication and entertainment than in the UK, with Entertainment websites and Webmail services also picking up a higher proportion of visits. On the other hand, people in the UK are more likely to use the Internet to make transactions and look for information. News and Media, Sports, Travel, and Education websites all account for a higher proportion of Internet visits in the UK than in France."

Tables and additional information can be found here:

Experian Hitwise :: Hitwise France Launch February 2010