11:15 AM

Intel's Sean Maloney To Retire

I was sorry to see that Sean Maloney, Intel executive vice president and chairman of Intel China announced that he will retire in January 2013.

Mr Maloney spent 30 years at Intel and held some of the toughest jobs. He was the company's "Mr Wolf" from Pulp Fiction, he was the one that Intel called upon to sort out problem business groups. I always enjoyed speaking with him and his straight shooter approach.

From a British background, Mr Maloney was on the Intel fast track from an early age, working closely with Andy Grove, former CEO and Chairman, as his technical assistant.

He has had several opportunities of heading large tech companies but always stayed loyal to Intel. In February 2010 he suffered a stroke but made a full recovery following a medical leave of absence.

His departure removes him from consideration as replacement for Paul Otellini, president and CEO of Intel, when he retires in three years at 65.

Here's more from Intel:

Maloney began his Intel career in the company's European headquarters where he spent 9 years in management roles in applications engineering, sales and marketing. From 1992 to 1995, he served as technical assistant to Grove, Intel's chairman and CEO. In 1995, Maloney moved to Hong Kong to manage Intel's sales and marketing activities in Asia Pacific and returned to the United States in 1998 to become head of Intel's worldwide sales organization. Three years later he took over as head of Intel Communications Group and became co-manager of the Intel Mobility Group in 2004.

Intel Executive Vice President Sean Maloney to Retire