07:26 AM

Intel's Huron River And Sandy Bridge . . .

Intel loves to use code names for future products that are the names or rivers, mountains, or other geographical place names. This helps avoid problems over trademarks and copyrights.

TechEye reports that a whole new batch of names is being readied:

Huron River, Cougar Point, Sandy Bridge, Rainbow Peak, Taylor Peak - what a delightful cluster of words to set your imagination afire. When they're introduced their names will be somewhat more banal.

TechEYE's source is DigiTimes, a news site based in Taiwan, where a lot of Intel chips and chipsets are used in manufacture of a broad range of computer products.

Huron River, says Digitimes, is a notebook platform that will come into existence in the first quarter of 2011 and include chipset Cougar Point, CPU Sandy Bridge and the two Peaks are wireless modules.

There will be several flavours of Sandy Bridge, which will be introduced on a 32 nanometetre process - one dual core, one quad core, and one that will integrate a DirectX 10.1 graphics processing unit - this is Ironlake.