07:26 AM

Intel Launches Community Cool Software Site

This comes from Intel's publicist Burson-Marsteller, I haven't had a chance to check it out yet... (Intel is a sponsor of Silicon Valley Watcher.)

Cool Software.com (http://coolsw.intel.com) is a forum where people -- from software developers, ISVs and end-users -- can submit and vote for their favorite software company or product. The site taps into the collective intelligence of the community and, much like the popular site Digg.com, utilizes user ratings to assign levels of importance or relevance to each company or product.

These votes and conversations provide everyone with the latest and greatest on software companies and possible engagement with Intel, and supports Intel’s efforts to encourage emerging technologies and companies. Additionally, the CoolSW site provides a forum where ISVs can raise awareness for their product and/or services.