05:25 AM

Intel CMO Is Leaving Amid Other Changes At Chip Giant

Deborah Conrad, Chief Marketing Officer at Intel,  is leaving in April. The company said it has not yet found a replacement.

Her departure has nothing to do with the many other executive changes initiated by the new Intel CEO Brian Krzanich.

Intel Marketing Chief Deborah Conrad To Leave In April - Digits - WSJ

She is associated with some well-known advertising campaigns at the company, including “Sponsors of Tomorrow,” which celebrated the geeky culture of Intel’s engineers, and “Look Inside,” a return to the company’s strategy of trying to convince consumers to pay attention to the components inside their devices.

CMO of a large company is a very tough job because of the immense fragmentation in the media industry world wide. 

Here is a short video I shot of Sean Maloney, Intel’s former CMO and Chairman of Intel China, talking about the “fog” he faces in determining where to spend hundreds of millions of dollars in marketing budgets.