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Intel Centrino 2.0 : Social Networking = 25 % of Internet -[ We're not in Kanasas Anymore . . .]

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Intel today announced the Centrino 2 chip set which is its most powerful mobile processor. The Centrino, launched in 2003 was incredibly successful for Intel, its most profitable product. The world's largest chipmaker hopes to repeat that success with the Centrino 2.0.

Here is a short video of Intel's presentation boiling down the key advantages of the Centrino 2 in consumer and in enterprise uses.

The best part of this video is when Intel talks about the technology trends it is seeing. Especially the fact that social networks now represent an incredible 25 % of Internet bandwidth.

Something has changed deeply - we're not in Kansas anymore.

YouTube - Centrino 2 - And Social Media....

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