11:40 AM

Intel announces Tulsa server chip Tuesday


Intel (an SVW sponsor) announces its  latest Xeon microprocessor, codenamed Tulsa Tuesday. It is an impressive chip and CNET's News.com has a good overview:

Link to Intel readies 'Tulsa' Xeon debut | CNET News.com

Next week I'll be interviewing Henri Richard, AMD's Chief Sales and Marketing Officer.

AMD's response to Tulsa (fair point on the last point):

- AMD firmly believes that customers are entitled to both high performance and low power consumption;  the competition's   4P offerings on the market really only offer one .
- AMD has a product strategy while the competition has products (ie- platform stability, single common architecture, and customer centric innovation, vs. 13 different platforms, little investment protection, and increasing complexity).
- Three things buyers look for in their servers: Performance, Performance-per-watt and performance per watt per dollar. The recent claims from the competition specific to their new 4P offering do not address all three.
- With all the talk about new microarchitectures being introduced in the market, it's interesting to note that the latest 4P processors introduced by the competition are based on an antiquated NetBurst architecture that will soon be "end of lifed."