04:47 AM

InPowered's New Brand Promotion Tool Focuses On Trusted Experts, Not Influencers


Co-founders of InPowered: Peyman Nilforoush and Pirouz Nilforoush.

InPowered, an online platform designed to allow brands to promote stories about their products or services across a large number of web sites, has introduced a new ranking of writers that focuses on their expertise rather than their influence.

Brands are expected to use this information as in this example of an advert: "Read the #1 Toyota Expert on the new Toyota models." 

Peyman Nilforoush, co-founder of InPowered (above), said, "All of our studies show that people trust content from experts. Our platform reads hundreds of thousands of articles daily and can determine the expertise of writers over time. It's a system that cannot be gamed. You have to write more about the subject to become more expert in it."

InPowered said that its expert ranking algorithm took about two years to develop. It examines three factors: consistency in articles on the subject; there is depth and analysis indicating an understanding of the subject; and validation through sharing articles online, which indicates a level of trust.

InPowered offers its platform for free and only charges if a company wants to promote certain articles it discovers.