03:38 AM

Inform.com: Another news aggregator, another beta

Tom Foremski, Silicon Valley Watcher

Inform.com, yet another "Google News" and yet much better.

Julian Steinberg, of Inform, emails:

I think you will be especially interested in our new RSS feeds and syndication features. Through Inform you can now create an RSS feed on any person, place, organization, product, topic or combination thereof and read it through whichever RSS reader you currently use.

I don’t think any other RSS feed gives you this kind of precision including video, audio and blogs. The new syndication feature or “News Widget” gives you the same functionality as the RSS feed but allows you to create a news widget on any blog or web site.

Very nice interface. I think it will do well.

How many more automated news sites can we support, and how fickle are the readers? Gabe's tech.memeorandum took off like a rocket in the blogosphere. Inform could do the same in the mainstream sphere.

In the meantime, someone has to write the news stories. Is there anybody left in the newsrooms?