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IMHO: We Are Becoming Nomadig...

Mobile, fragmented, and unrooted. These days our culture is becoming more mobile because we are more mobile.

We have a vast torrent of mobile digital devices and the infrastructure to allow us to be on the move constantly, to become more nomadic.

We are no longer tied to the desktop PC, nor to the laptop; and we can have access to our digital lives from nearly any device anywhere, anytime and anyplace. Anything with a browser and an Internet connection allows us to access our applications and our files, and our networks of colleagues, friends and families.

We are becoming digitally enabled mobile/nomadic peoples. Airliners will fly the equivalent of the entire population of the earth in the next three years.

We are also more mobile in our thinking, more able to spot the obstacles to progress that regional based gender, ethnic, and economic divisions create.

Is this a return to our nomadic roots?

The first humans lived as nomads for more than 100,000 years, that's how humans spread and colonized new regions, moved across glacial wastelands, and found passes through massive mountain ranges.

Papa was a rolling stone, wherever he laid his hat was his home; and papa before him, and on, and on, into our common ancestry. It's in our blood.

We seem to be going back to our roots and becoming nomadic peoples again -- or maybe it's "nomadig" people: nomads living in digitally enabled groups.

We are no longer tied to a specific geography, and nor is our thinking. We can easily pull up and move from the West coast to the East coast or anywhere else. And we can easily collaborate in teams across huge geographies and multiple time zones.

We often travel thousands of miles in the course of a month, a week, even a day. It doesn't matter where we are physically, we can still maintain our family connections, friendships, and business contacts.

We're in constant motion yet we remain rooted within our online worlds as if we hadn't budged an inch. Our physical address changes more often than our online address.

We're nomads again.

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