17:51 PM

I'm Looking Forward To A Change of Scene To See Things Better

I'm looking forward to working from London and New York for the next three weeks. When I'm able to be outside of Silicon Valley for a week or more, this place starts to look a bit differently from my usual perch.

And that helps my overall perspective about what goes on here. Otherwise we get caught up in our own words too much and lose sight of Silicon Valley's place in a much much larger place.

Silicon Valley often feels so very small, like a village. The key influencers here probably number just a few hundred. Which is amazing because Silicon Valley's influence is global and now spans across many important industries.

A few hundred influencers helping determine the future of a much bigger world is fascinating. But that only works if Silicon Valley knows its place in the world, and can converse in a common language of ideas. Otherwise it looks like gobblygook to outsiders. And some of it actually is gobblygook.

Most of the time I'm pretty sure I can tell what is what. But it never hurts to double check and take a look at things from a distance, from the outside in :-)

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BTW if you haven't seen this music video yet you are in for a treat:

(Part of a major new Broadway musical coming in 2008...!)

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Sometimes you don't need to go to a distant place to get a change from the usual. Coming up: "Sing it yourself Messiah" is at Davies Symphony Hall, December 12, 2007. Tickets: 415 401 9229 or www.sfsinfonietta.org

Here is classical pianist and educator Allison Lovejoy interviewing maestro Urs Leonhardt Steiner, who will be conducting the event as the audience sings Handel's Messiah along with the professionals. I can't be there but maybe you can...?