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I'm completely burned out . . .

I'm completely burned out on conferences and event parties, and things ain't slowing down... It is during such times that I enjoy spending time with friends that don't really know what I do, that aren't from my day-to-day world.


Wednesday evening, in between the usual line up of conference events, (this week it is CTIA), my friends Uwe Maurer and Heddi Cundle (. . . we do Barmitvahs), got to go to SF MOMA and the superb Olafur Eliasson opening.
I am definitely going back to see it again. And the great thing about art openings, it is not about the art, it is about the art goers.
We had a great time talking with people who knew nothing of our alternate lives, and vice-versa too, I'm sure.


Thursday at 7pm I'm about to head off to an evening of startup launches, conference networking events, and PR cocktail parties. Fortunately, I'm rescued at the last moment by my friend Allison Lovejoy, inviting me to a 7.30 pm performance of the San Francisco Opera and Mozart's Magic Flute.

Geeks versus Mozart? I'm pretty sure I made the same choice any one of my readers would have made.

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Please see Allison Lovejoy performing Bartok:

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