02:22 AM

If this Dream Media Team forms--it's Game Over for the rest

Tom Foremski, Silicon Valley Watcher

I am always pleased to see Bulgaria based Dimitar Vesselinov's smart and pithy comments on SVW...

Here is a recent post from Dimitar's blog: The World 2 Come-My Lifetime Digital Memory. It's about his dream media team (thank you for the inclusion :-)

It's a killer media team and it would be Game Over for all the rest, if you could swing it. But we are talking Jupiter-planet size egos here, which have trouble co-existing in the same solar system, let alone online.

Interesting choice of Sir Richard Branson...

Also, lots of updates, clearly Dimitar has been feeling a bit of heat to add names to the team :-)

[I propose that we add Dimitar Vesselinov to the team as Chief Blogger. Let someone else do it for a change, I want to spend some time with my kids.]

"My Dream Media Team"

President: Richard Branson

CEO: John Battelle

COO: Jason Calacanis

CEB (chief executive blogger): Robert Scoble

CTO/CIO: Max Levchin

CSA (chief software architect): Mark Canter

Editor-in-chief: Chris Anderson

Chief customer representative: Craig Newmark

Pundit: Jeff Jarvis

Pundit: Susan Mernit

Pundit: Steve Gillmor

Pundit: Dana Blankenhorn

Editor: Dan Gillmor

Editor: Tom Foremski

Editor: John C. Dvorak

Analyst: Rafat Ali

Content development: Marshall Brain

Marketing: Seth Godin

PR: Steve Rubel

Business development: Michael Arrington

Search: Philipp Lenssen

Podcasting: Doug Kaye

Podcasting: John Furrier

Telecoms: Om Malik

Blogs: David Sifry

Europe: Loic Le Meur

China: Jack Ma

CSO: John Robb

VC: Fred Wilson

Mobile: Oliver Starr


Entrepreneur: Mena Trott

Editor: Rebecca MacKinnon

HR: Heather Hamilton

Fashion: Anina

Analyst: Staci D. Kramer

Gossip: Jessica Coen

Politics: Ana Marie Cox

Update 2:

Web 2.0: Richard MacManus

Legal department: Denise Howell

Photos: Caterina Fake

Video: Amanda Congdon

Reporter: Xeni Jardin

Geek: Gina Trapani

Zeitgeist: Anastasia Goodstein

Update 3:

Reporter: Kevin Sites