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I Was Troll Baiting Over At ZDNet...

Over on my column/blog at ZDNet: Tom Foremski: IMHO, I asked:

Are trolls the rednecks of the social media world?

The topic of trolls, people who take time to leave inane, usually abusive comments, that kill conversation on blogs, and forums, and other types of social media is interesting.

Although I haven't snagged any trolls yet, (I've got an upcoming post that I'm sure will reap a harvest) I did get some excellent comments:

Calling a troll a 'redneck' would be entirely too gracious

While one can make the argument that trolls and rednecks might not "know no better" when it comes to minding their manners, I have a troll who deliberately visits to make pointed comments that show he's stalking my blog and collecting data on me before launching a nasty comment-missile. Trolls are, to me, the Debbie Downers and Grim Reapers of the social media space.

Posted by: dcwriterdawn

RE: Are trolls the rednecks of the social media world?

Sometimes those at enmity with us can be spun to the good.

Our friends will often spare us, cause they love us, while our enemies are often fiendishly foot loose and fancy free, savagely unfettered from any such fine sensibilities. The same trappings of civilization that most of us deliberately cultivate. Because we know where to go for the real gold. Riches still reside in the golden rule. Corny as that may or may not sound.

Slashing, sniping and shoulding on us is their standard schlock. They're happily or not mostly unmoved by the need of normative social constraints of the civil.

I've gained a lot sometimes from harsh, hateful unrelenting, unsparing, marauding, murderous criticism. I figure that where there's smoke, there's usually a fire.

Some of these storm clouds huffing and puffing impending doom have silver linings, quite contrary to the uncouth and nefarious stuff they spew and spray.

Sometimes I find it easy to love my enemies for the kindness they certainly didn't intend to do my way.

Posted by: preachjohn

RE: Are trolls the rednecks .... Oh Yes but

I think they should be called childish rednecks.

Of all the sites I read, there seems to be an inordinate amount of trolls in Zdnet.

Critism is fine, trolling is not.

I think a lot of misinformed posters "troll" in error due to their lack of knowledge and then end up defending the themselves against the trollish anti-trolls.

But then again, some bloggers write "troll" blogs as well due to their own bias.

Posted by: rtfa