11:56 AM

I Launched A Blog And Nobody Came -- The Media Tsunami Is Coming...

My one and only 2010 prediction was that the The Media Tsunami Is Coming.... What does this mean?

That means if your company has just now decided to launch a blog, to Twitter, etc. Good luck. Finding an audience when there is a plethora of great content (and bad) out there is a challenge.

The noise level is loud now, it will be even louder this year. And there's more to come.

There will be lots of dross out there, lots of bad videos, bad blog posts, bad everything... But there will also be lots of great content.

That means companies have to step up their game. That means bloggers, Twitterers, podcasters, vidcasters, individual self-promoters, journalists, PR people, app developers, startups, Fortune 100, publishers of all kinds -- all will have to step up their game in 2010.

Keeping hold of an audience in the midst of plenty is what will sort out the field.

It'll be interesting to see who is still standing in 2011.


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