10:55 AM

I have the third largest ego says egoSurf

I'm not sure how I came across egoSurf. I couldn't resist plugging my ego into its search box and its algorithm calculated 17,731 Ego points. Which apparently is quite good putting me into 3rd place on the "biggest egos" chart.

Somehow I beat out Dave Winer, who has the seventh largest ego, with 9,763 Ego points. Which makes me a bit suspicious that there is a bug in the algorithm :-)

egoSurf says:

Why do I need to egoSurf?

egoSurf helps massage the web publishers ego, and thereby maintain the cool equilibrium of the net itself.

We, the publishers of this here internet thing, need the occasional massage, the odd stroke. We aren't paid. We aren't recognized. Our sites hit count used to be enough, but no longer.

Give it a spin: http://w1.egosurf.org/