08:25 AM

Hyperlink-free SABEW Announces Winners Of 'Best In Business' Reporting

The Society of American Business Editors and Writers (SABEW) announced this year's winners in its 18th annual Best in Business competition, which "honors excellence in business journalism across all news platforms."

Awards will be presented Friday, April 5, at the Marvin Conference Center at George Washington University. SABEW's 50th annual conference and gala runs April 4-6 and features Federal Reserve vice chair Janet Yellen, AOL chairman Tim Armstrong, former Office of Management and Budget chief David Stockman, and business TV personality Jim Cramer.

More than 200 working journalists and academics served as judges, sifting through the record 1,120 entries from 195 news outlets across 68 categories.

Here's the list of 134 winners.

But there's not a single hyperlink to any of the winning entries. 

It's a sad example that mirrors the sad state of the US newspaper industry that there is no recognition by SABEW of the connected digital world we live in. The web is a publishing technology yet it is being largely ignored by this august body.

Surely, hyperlinks improve reporting of all types, including business reporting? 

The hyperlink is the single most defining element of the world wide web. It's precisely why it's called "the web." 

SABEW and the term "hyperlink" originated in the same year: 1964. Maybe by its 50th anniversary in 2014 SABEW will recognize its importance.