16:09 PM

Here are some stats about your fellow SVW readers . . .

If you are curious about SVW traffic, here are some of my Advanced Web Statistics, more commonly known as AwStats, for the month of January 2006. These numbers do not include the robot traffic which is presented separately. (I've put the January 2005 numbers in brackets.)

BTW, I'd like to thank my readers for these stellar numbers, about a 350 per cent annual growth rate. And you are not just any set of eyeballs, you are the shakers and makers (of the future) :-)

Traffic Viewed January 2006--not including robots:

55,503 Unique visitors (12,639)

178,000 Visits (34,836)

508,114 Pages (112,307)

1.22 million Hits (224,318)


70 per cent of pages went to US readers

The rest was about equally split between European and Asian based readers.

Additional Traffic to 18 robots/spiders:

198,706 Pages (22,051)

207, 861 Hits (22,385)

These robots copy and and index and serve up copies of SVW pages from their cache--but we have no way of knowing how many additional readers view SVW content in this way.


88 per cent of SVW readers came through bookmarks or direct links.

Only 5 per cent of SVW readers came via an internet search engine.

This shows that SVW readers know where we live, and come directly to the site, which is wonderful, because we don't have to rely on search engines to bring readers. Most other sites get the majority of their traffic from search engines.

Current Alexa rank: (representative sample gathered from 10m internet users of the Alexa toolbar)

1 week average 23,711

3 month average 43,384

3 month change: Increased 53,514

Reach per million users:

1 week average 59.5

3 month average 34.5

3 month change: Increased 68 per cent

Page views per user:

1 week average 5.1

3 month average 6.4

3 month change: increased 375 per cent