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Help find a missing friend - Daniel Clune

by Doug Millison for SiliconValleyWatcher.com

It's not often one has to request this kind of help ...

Soon after Meetup.com launched, members of Bookcrossing.com, a fledgling web community where book lovers "set books free," started having Meetups in their towns to trade books and chat. And since, a wonderful community has flourished on --and off-- line. (Over 4,500 Bookcrossing Meetups to date!)

It was a real shocker to learn a few weeks ago that Daniel Clune, the head programmer at Bookcrossing.com, disappeared on November 6th in Sandpoint, Idaho.


Daniel Clune: Missing since November 6, 2004.

Please consider this plea from a Bookcrosser:

"His family is devastated and the community dumbfounded. A young, healthy man, Daniel, 29, is known for his reliability... a stand up guy. Not the sort to take off on a flight of fancy. No one believes that his disappearance is voluntary. Something happened to Daniel Clune, and his family and friends need to know just what that something is. Please consider featuring the story of Daniel's disappearance. The key to finding him is out there somewhere, but has not yet been found. Exposure is badly needed."

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Maybe you can help spread the word?

Thank you.

-Myles (and the Meetup team)

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