06:43 AM

Heading To CES...

I'll be at the Consumer Electronics Show this week as part of Intel's 'Intel Insider' group.

I'm looking forward to the show,. Intel has a couple of chip announcements to make and CEO Paul Otellini will be speaking - a relatively rare event.

I'm not sure what else to expect at CES. Fortunately, Dean Takahashi over at VentureBeat has put together a show guide. It lists things which won't be at CES, such as Apple, Google and its Nexus phone, retailers getting into hardware...

Dean expects more 'green' electronics; Dell is expected to show its tablet-like PC; more mobile, netbook computers; and more touch-based interfaces.

Steve Ballmer will kick-off the show with a keynote, and FCC chairman Julius Genachowski will host a 'fireside chat,' which might give some clues about any potential future action against Google.

What to watch for at the Consumer Electronics Show | VentureBeat