02:55 AM

Has Steve Jobs Banned Apple From Social Media?

Over on my ZDNet column IMHO I asked "Has Steve Jobs banned Apple from social media?" because it certainly looks that way.

Some people have said that it is a good thing because Apple doesn't want people talking about its upcoming products and leaking company secrets.

But social media isn't about leaking company secrets at all. It is about showing that you are listening and engaged with your customers. At least, that's what all the social media "experts" will tell you.

Is it possible to ignore social media and still be successful? Clearly, Apple can do it. Can anyone else?

How long can Apple, or any other company, continue to be disengaged in social media? I don't know but we are going to find out.

Is it possible to tempt Apple into social media? Maybe.

In social media you have to be courageous and realize you cannot keep control over your corporate message. But you can communicate your corporate message if you are consistent and persistent.

You say it once, twice, three thousand times. Consistent and persistent otherwise you truly do lose control.

You have to be engaged, show that you are listening. Otherwise you will look arrogant and aloof. And that's too much of a temptation for the hands of fate to slap you back down to earth.

Let's see how far Apple gets with this policy of non-engagement with social media. It will be an interesting case study.